Why Consider Wire Shelving For Your Warehouse

Is your current warehouse setup starting to run short on free space? If so, you might be looking at options for additional shelving or other storage ideas to get more use out of the area you have. To that end, some business owners today are turning towards wire shelving for the numerous benefits it provides. Here's how wire shelving can benefit your business now and into the future as you continue to grow.

Wire Shelving Is Stackable or Modular

Do you need to start making better use of your vertical space throughout your warehouse or storage facility? Wire shelving can assist with this due to its modular design. Wire shelves can typically be stacked on top of another without losing stability or causing an issue for the lower shelves. You could conceivably stack wire shelves all the way up to the ceiling provided you keep the heavier items down below and have a ladder or other equipment to get access to the higher shelves when you need to.

Wire Shelving Is Durable and Low Maintenance

Once your new wire shelving is in place, you really won't have to think about it again from a maintenance or durability standpoint. You can store items on the same shelf for a long period of time without worrying about the weight affecting the lifespan of the shelf.

Wire shelving is also very low maintenance from a dust standpoint. Because the wires have gaps in between them, it's more difficult for dust to settle. You will still want to periodically wipe the shelves down when you can, but you won't find a huge buildup of dust when you do.

Less Expensive Than Some Other Options

There are lots of shelving types that can claim to be durable and stable. But only wire shelving can give you a high level of these qualities without costing you too much money. Exact prices will of but in general, you can expect a wire shelf to cost less money than say, a pallet rack system that covers the same number of square feet.

Better Airflow for Temperature Control

Do you need shelving that can go up inside a refrigerated unit? If so, wire shelving is ideal because the gaps between wires allow air to move up and down between shelves instead of blocking or trapping it off. This should help ensure that every item on your shelves remains at the correct temperature.

Be on the lookout for wire shelving to increase your storage space.