Are You Planning A Family Reunion At A Lake ?

What could be more wonderful than having your family around you at the same time? And, if you can add water fun to the time you spend together, that makes things even better. If you are in charge of planning this summer's family reunion at a lake, from putting the word out and making assignments to arranging for boat storage, here are some ideas that might help you to have a very memorable family event.

Plan Ahead - If you are planning the reunion for summer of 2018, you more than likely are trying to move things along quickly. After all, there are probably reservations to be made and assignments to be handled. Write things down. For example, keep a notebook with dividers in it. Have one section be for families who will be attending, including the names and approximate ages of each family member.

Another section of the notebook could be designated for names of people who are on different committees. For instance, write down the names of family members who are in charge of games and other activities. Another section might be designated for things that need to be bought. Besides that, those who have assignments have a clear picture of what those assignments are.

Buy A Boat - Yes! Buy a boat! Unless your family already has one, that is. Having a boat opens up so many fun opportunities. For example, your group can go fishing in the morning and then water skiing in the afternoon. Even those who don't actually want to do something like fishing or skiing, will more than likely just enjoy riding in the boat. If your group is an extra large one, consider buying more than one boat.

After all, if you love having your family reunions by the lake, purchasing a boat is probably one of the best investments your family will ever make together. Between reunions, of course, your boat will need to be stored. Fortunately, there will probably be a boat storage facility very close to the lake. Boat storage is very affordable, and the money you spend will be worth the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your boat will be safe from the elements and safe from mischief, like theft. 

If you do buy a boat and plan to store it at a special facility, consider having specific members of the family be in charge of all transactions and of making arrangements to get the boat out of storage each time it is needed.