Tips To Help Packing Your Kitchen Items A Little Easier

Packing for a move is one of the most difficult thing a person will do. Boxing up everything that you need each day, moving it to a new home and then unpacking will likely result in sheer exhaustion. This is especially true in a kitchen. You need so many things in the kitchen on a daily basis so it can be hard to pack it up in advance so you aren't left packing until the wee morning hours the day the movers arrive.

Below, you will find some tips to reduce the time it takes you to pack up your kitchen and even expedite the unpacking process.

Plate Packing – No more taking the time to wrap each plate individually with newspaper. Instead, purchase a cheap stack of Styrofoam plates. Place one Styrofoam plate between each glass plate and you won't have to worry about them clanking together and breaking. You can even go as far as to wrap the entire stack of plates with plastic wrap to create one tight package.

Crumble a little newspaper, tuck it in the bottom of a box, set the plates on top of it, tuck more newspaper along the sides to keep it from jostling around, label and tape the box. Your plates are now ready to go and won't need all of the washing they would have if you had wrapped them individually with newspaper.

Drinking Glass Packing – Take a trip to your local bar or beer store. The boxes that the bottled beer come in are perfect for transporting the drinking glasses from one home to another. These boxes are made of heavy-duty cardboard so weight won't be an issue, and they have built-in dividers to keep your glasses securely in place.

If your glasses are too short for the box, you can stack one on top of the other by putting a piece of cardboard on top of the bottom one. Use some newspaper to fill in any gaps that are around the glasses, label and tape the box and you're good to go.

Tupperware – Fortunately, the Tupperware you have stuffed into your cupboard are going to be easy to pack up. Just remove the lids so that you can stack them inside of each other and put them in a box. Just make sure that the lids end up in the same box as the container so that you can easily get things put back together once you're new kitchen is ready.

Talk with your local movers to learn more tips to making your move a little easier on you. Visit a site like for more help.