Space And Storage Solutions For Tiny Offices

Tiny offices have two distinct problems. One, they are difficult to move around. Two, there is NEVER enough storage space on the floor that does not result in more office mobility issues. Thankfully, there are plenty of space and storage solutions that can work for you in tight office quarters.

Wall-Mounted Wire Shelving Systems

When you cannot put it down, put it up. Bare wall space is readily converted to storage when you use wall-mounted wire shelving systems. Similar to closet organization systems, these rubber or acrylic-coated shelf racks can run the gamut of your office walls from waist height to a foot below the ceiling. They are strong, durable, and if properly mounted into the stud boards of the walls, they can hold a lot of weight without ever falling down.

Multi-Unit Wall Systems with Customizable Components

Need more than just shelves? What about coat racks, filing systems, etc.? Customizable versions of the wire shelving systems are available too. You can install these out in the open, or in whatever closet space your office has available. They do cost slightly more because you can pick and choose which components you want, but sometimes some office spaces cannot use universal shelving systems.

Criss-Cross Overhead Shelving

Hopefully, no one in your office is over six feet tall. Otherwise, this option may not work. What you have here are a set of wire shelves that run around the perimeter of the office rooms, followed by more shelves that can either run the short direction or the long direction between two of the four walls. This allows you to color-code or alphabetize things and keep them up and out of the way overhead. It is the best option for a small office with no closet space and almost no floor space either.

Talk to a Business Shelving Expert

There are businesses that focus all of their time and energy providing storage solutions for businesses and office spaces like yours. When you clearly need one or more of the above office solutions, it is time to find one of these experts and get them to help you with this project. Provide the person or company you hire with your budget, your office space dimensions, and your storage and shelving needs. He, she, or they will help you design the perfect shelving system, under budget, that will work in your office and work for you.