Need To Fill Up A Self-Storage Unit? How To Do It In An Organized Manner

Whether your initial intention is to have your belongings in a self-storage unit for a short amount of time or you plan on keeping things in there for a few years, you need to take the appropriate measures to ensure that everything will be nicely organized. This way, you will have a much easier time retrieving things as you nee them, as well as ensuring that everything will be kept nice and safe while they are being stored away. To help get you started properly, you will want to use some of the following advice.

Trade In The Cardboard For The Plastic

Instead of packing everything away in cardboard boxes, you will want to make sure that you are gathering as many plastic bins with lids that you can find. Your friends and family might have some that you can have. Otherwise, you can always head to your local department store where you can find plastic storage bins in a wide variety of colors. You can use just one color, such as your favorite one, or get several in a variety of colors as a way to better organize everything. If you want to, you can stick all kitchenware in one color of bins and your bathroom and beauty supplies in another colored bin. Either way, by using the plastic bins instead of the cardboard boxes, you will not have to worry about the weight of anything causes containers to collapse.

Pack Things In Against The Walls First

Do not make the mistake of piling everything into the storage unit in any manner that you can. Packing everything in there in an unorganized manner can cause you to run out of space sooner than you should. It will also probably cause you to have a much harder time finding things later on. Instead, you will want to load the larger pieces of furniture and appliances against the three exposed walls. Once those are in place, you can begin to stack plastic bins, bags, and anything else you might have on top of the furniture and appliances. Be sure to make use of any hidden space for the small fragile things you need to store. For example, you can store your high school football trophies in the oven since you will not have to worry about anything falling on top of them in there.

By simply making use of those two tips, you will find that keeping your self-storage unit organized while you pack everything in there to be a lot easier than you may have thought in the past. Contact a facility, like Carolina Self Storage, to get started.