How To Easily Pack For An Upcoming Move

Packing up your entire house can be a very daunting process, especially if you have a lot of stuff. However, it is a necessary evil when you want to relocate to another home. To help make the process as easy on you and everyone else in the house, you will want to make use of the following suggestions:

Give The Boxes Extra Strength With Packing Tape

If the boxes you are using are already put together on the bottom and the flaps are held in place with some glue, you might want to take an extra step before loading it full of things. This means that you will want to purchase heavy duty packing tape and apply it over the cardboard flaps on the bottom of the boxes that you will be using. It is especially important to do this for the boxes that will be packed full of heavy items. You want this extra amount of support because you are not able to see just how much glue is holding the bottom of the box together and whether it will hold up during the move.

Use Fabrics For Protection Instead Of Bubble Wrap

You will probably already have to purchase some packing supplies, but you can skip out on the purchase of bubble wrap. You can safely secure all of the fragile things in your moving boxes by surrounding them with soft fabrics instead of expensive bubble wrap. Some of the things you can use include your bath towels, clothing, sheets, blankets, and even your curtains. You can always wash and fold any fabrics that got dirty or wrinkled during the move once you have arrived at your new place.

Apply Tape Over Your Box Labels

Whether you are simply writing on the outside of the boxes with a marker, or you are attaching a sticky label to the box that you then write on, you might want to cover it with some clear packing tape. This is because the marker can wear off or smudge in certain circumstances. The sticky labels might accidentally get ripped off if the glue on them is not very strong. By coating your labels with large pieces of clear packing tape, it is much more likely that you are still going to be able to read the labels on your boxes once you are in the new house. This will make unloading the boxes easier, as you will be able to identify which room each box should go to.

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